Blockchain Secure Authentication (BSA)

BSA Products & Services:

1. On-Cloud

2. On-Click

3. On-Premise

4. Value Added Services

5. Consulting Services


BSA Patented Technology:

  1. Multiple Identifier Random Combination (MIRC)
  2.  One-Time Security Key (OTSK)
  3. Multilateral Distributed Verification (MDV)
  4.  Hybrid Blockchain – Kernel Chain Core (KNChain)




Blockchain Secure Authentication (BSA ) is the next generation of passwordless MFA for digital identity and authentication. BSA aims to be the world’s solution provider leading towards a secured digital environment with passwordless authentication.

BSA Technology serves for various industries:

1) Financial institutions

2) Government Services

3) Education

4) ICT Services

5) Enterprise & SME



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