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FNSM is a wholly owned subsidiary of FNS VALUE CO. LTD. (141-81-28666) or FNSV, a company organized and existing under the laws of the Republic of Korea, having its principal office at (Sangam dong, Nuri Dream Square 7th floor) 396, World Cup buk-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. FNSM was established in February 2020 to represent FNSV in Malaysia and the ASEAN region. FNSV signed a collaboration agreement with Telekom Malaysia for TM ONE appointment as the sole distributor of FNSV G-CCS (Blockchain Secure Authentication - BSA) in Malaysia and PT VADS for Indonesia. G-CCS (BSA) is the global first patented passwordless blockchain secure authentication services that replace the current User ID & Password to passwordless BSA to ensure security, privacy and safety of digital users. “Making the world a safer place with passwordless blockchain secure authentication” is our vision and promise to our customers. BSA ensure compliance to Zero Trust Framework on Identity, support national and global security and privacy standards and requirements.

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Menara LGB, Jalan Wan Kadir, Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur 60000, Malaysia

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Digital Transformation challenges industries to a revolutionize technology. From time to time, technologies are developed to a more futuristic and modernized services that ranges from net browsing, device usability, and more. So what about Passwords? Do we still remain the soon outdated method of logging in with username, password, otp, and qr?

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How Multi-Factor Authentication works and Why Go Passwordless?

The old-school username and password credential type of authentication are already known for their insecurity and unreliability as they have been for decades ago. Passwords are easy to be guessed, stolen, and compromised. Hackers are so creative in their ways to get your credentials that they even can get your passwords by brute force or even social engineering.

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